Eurorack Panels

12/05/2022 – The Website will be updated over the next month…. This will include new panel photo’s, more information & a better layout.

HOW DO I ORDER? please email us at – Please include the following information. 1. Item’s you wish to order – 2. Full postal address – 3. PayPal email address


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Other Panels we have in stock that are not yet displayed on our site are listed below:

Intellijel Metropolix, Intellijel Steppy 3U, Intellijel Rainmaker, Rossum-Electro Assimil8or, Rossum-Electro Morpheus, Strymon Starlab, Make Noise Maths V2 (Black & Gold 98% Replica), Make Noise Erbe-Verbe (Black & Gold 98% Replica), Make Noise Function (Black & Gold 98% Replica), Mannequins Three Sisters, ALM Akemie’s Taiko, Intellijel Quadra, Intellijel Quadra Expander, WMD Geiger Counter, WMD TRSHMSTR, 1010 Blackbox (Deathbox), MTM Radio Music, Audio Parasites 3-4-1 (3U panel that allows you to mount 1U intelljel format modules), Vult FilterFreak, Westlicht PerFormer, Horstronic Waveslicer, TipTop Audio ONE, Intellijel Mixup v2 (This will not suit V1 Muxup), Behringer Neutron (Pac N Boltz 2022 B&G Edition), ALM Tangle Quartet, Arturia Beatstep Pro (Black Overlay), MI Plaits, 1hp AP Logo Blank, MI Links (3u to 1u Panel), ALM Akemie’s Castle, MN Maths V2 (New Design), ALM Pams New Workout (New Design), Intellijel Planar2, Intelljel Plonk, Xaoc Devices Batumi & Audio Parasites Lazy Boi (This allows you to mount any 4hp 3u module into 1u intellijel format space).